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About me:
Well, I regard as myself to be a one of kind guy who can think for himself, although I must admit that’s a little bias ; ) I am not a person produced by their surroundings or experiences. I feel another part of my personality separate my individual life and connected to everything in some way; kind of empathy versus sympathy thing. I make it a point to keep an open mind and learn something from every second of life. I have countless hobbies and interests I love to indulge in and even more ambitions. I have a sarcastic, powerful sense of humor accompanied by an unassuming, intelligent, all-loving filter to help with my next decision. "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." –Aristotle
Member Since:September 13, 2006
Last Login:December 7, 2008
Location:Tallahassee, FL
Birthday:April 20
Music means to me:relative and reflective; a lovable, trustworthy outlet and source of understanding.... or cool noise, whichever makes more sense to you.
General Interests:anything music, good health, nature and the outdoors, philosophy, politics, pyschology, excersice, sports, drawing, traveling and finding new friends
Other Distractions:girls, concerts, movies in general, books like sidhartha, foundations of buddism and the celestine prophecy, instruments, flag football, vacations, and making money to accomidate all of these distractions


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