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About me:I'm just a girl from the Dakota's living in California trying to establish my career and take advantage of living where the weather is 'almost' always beautiful and the scenery is some of the best the US has to offer :) I truely enjoy live music whether its a small dive bar with local bands or a huge indoor or outdoor show with a well-known artist. I've really grown to love acoustic guitar music, but still enjoy hard rock and electric guitar as well. I love my friends and family and look forward to seeing them whenever I can :)
Member Since:February 15, 2007
Last Login:February 15, 2007
Location:Upland, CA
Birthday:June 13
Music means to me:I am a big time lover of music and especially live music and concerts..I love most everything really, with the exception of most country music...I listen to hard rock, rock/pop, alternative, hip hop & some rap. Some of my favorite bands include: U2, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, Disturbed, System of a Down, Metallica, Alice In Chains, Incubus, 30 Seconds to Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows, 3 Doors Down, Fuel, Weezer, Beck, John Butler Trio, 311, Offspring, John Mayer, and the list could go on... I also am a big fan of local bands from Fargo, ND (where I lived for about 7 years). They include: davis?, Ded Walleye, Sons of Poseidon, and the Sundogz. As you can tell I like a little bit of everything...I like bands that are passionate about their music and you can definitely tell that when you go to their concerts!!!
Schools:North Dakota State University
General Interests:Live Music, Reading, Working out (Spin Classes, Aerobics, Running, Cardio), Movies, Hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, Going to the Beach, Sitting on the freeway for hours and hours on my way to and from work...J/K! I HATE THAT...but it seems to be one of my interests because I do enough of it! Good thing I LOVE my car...that helps!
Other Distractions:I really don't watch much TV, but if I do its usually HBO or Showtime Original Series or Movies..., As for books...I love to read, some of my favorite authors are: Diana Gabaldon, Dean Koontz, Sue Monk Kidd, Dan Brown


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