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About me:Im currently 23 yrs. old. I live in Dover,N.H. I play the drums and the guitar. I've been playing the drums for 11 years now. I'm a college grad and I have an Associates Degree in Graphic Arts. I love art especially weird, expressive art you can't help but stare at! I love to read and I love the music of Frank Zappa, #1 in my book.
Member Since:August 7, 2002
Last Login:November 18, 2011
Location:Dover, NH
Birthday:April 11
Music means to me:Music is a language we all can speak some of us musicians can speak a bit better, but we can all understand it. I don't think people could live without it! It's one of the best(if not the best)things life as to offer to us!
Schools:Paul School
Spaulding High School
McIntosh College
Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
General Interests:Zappa, Hip-Hop,Not getting in Trouble, Art, city life, country life, mountain life, traveling, festivals, skiing, sports, celtics, nintendo games and music, Drums, Mafia and Horror Movies,Ween, Primus, and music that is weird to more than half the people out there, skate shoes, chill people, good vibes and good times, pot, Jonny Doogan
Other Distractions:Blow, Natural Born Killers, My Name Is Earl, On the road by Jack Kerouac, liquor and beer, drugs, not having a car


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