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About me:I grew up in the bay area, I got spoiled with good music, I play drums, so I love any drum and bass oriented music. I used to go to a ton of Dead Shows & Jerry Band shows during the 80's ( yeah yeah yeah I am 37), Hot Tuna, Jerry Acoustic, Reggae, I still go to lots of cool shows but my interest in genres has become much more diverse....Bluegrass one minute, afrobeat the next, then jazz, BECK, hip hop, Jerry, Dylan, shit, I even like some crazy ass dark drum and bass n jungle like photek and ed rush.... basically, it's all good to me! (that is as long as it's good!)

I always return to reggae after any musical phase. Outdoor festivals are the way to go !!! Since I live in the tahoe area, I go to a lot of club shows.
Member Since:May 2, 2008
Last Login:July 29, 2008
Location:Reno, NV
Birthday:April 10
Music means to me:Soul, Life, Heartbeat, Love, Peace, Culture, Rhythm of Life, Dance! Shake Yo Ass!!!
General Interests:Mountain Biking, Backpacking, Skiing Powder, Hiking, Snow Shoeing, Road Trips to Point Reyes, SFO, Bolinas, the Lost Coast! Camping, Hot Springs, Rope Swings!
Other Distractions:Women


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