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About me:I'm a music loving, snowboarding, rock climbing & road biking trademark attorney. I protect the brands that are changing the world.
Member Since:August 22, 2006
Last Login:July 16, 2009
Location:Incline Village, NV
Birthday:March 23
Music means to me:release; joy; freedom of expression; escape; insight; community; friends; fun!
Schools:Cascade School (high school); University of Missouri-Columbia (college); Northeastern University School of Law (pretty obvious)
General Interests:Music, the great outdoors, snowboarding, rock climbing, road biking, hiking, swimming, environmental consciousness, education, reading, volunteering
Other Distractions:My wonderful husband Jason Payette, serving on the Board of Directors of 1% For The Planet, Inc., eating junk food, especially chocolate!


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