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About me:live in Palm Beach county Florida. I am multi-talented man. I'm an Internet engineer, a licensed facialist, massage therapist, real-estate investor and small business owner. I am a pilot (with my own plane), sailor (no boat now, just rentals), photographer, a student of life and more. I love God, my family and my friends. I am a gentleman; I'm kind and fair, honest, compassionate, respectful and have good manners and a good heart.
Member Since:January 11, 2010
Last Login:January 14, 2010
Location:Lake Worth, FL
Birthday:June 19
Music means to me:Music was a very central part of my life 16 to 45 year old. I have been to over 109 concerts all over the world and now trying to get back to it.
General Interests:Flying - sport pilot, boating - sailing and power boating, traveling, living in the moment
Other Distractions:The list is almost endless


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