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About me:i like to chill alot and listen to music, when i do listen to music i like to listen to it with friends. i also like to play frisbe alot.
Member Since:October 10, 2006
Last Login:May 24, 2007
Location:Chicago, IL
Music means to me:somthing that i can do that is me and i can listen, play or do anything i want with music and it will be my own way.
Schools:Ramona Elementry, Highcrest middle School, Wilmette Jr. Highschool, New Trier Highschool
General Interests:Frisbe, Listen to music, Chill
Other Distractions:Movies: Mall Rats, Wayne's World 1 and 2, J and Silent Bob (all of them).
TV: That 70's show, Signfield
Books: Bios of all music people!!!!


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