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About me:Who am I?
"a human, more specifically, a female!!!" -- Kendra
"pretty, stylish and artistic !!" -- S├Žunn
"a purple parrot" -- Patrick
"CC is a lovely sincere person with strong convictions." -- Seattle
"pretty cool i guesss. jk shes adorableeeeee!!! and a cutie piee" -- Jen
"A crazy swede" -- Hannah
"The person with the awesome sunglasses and wears flowers in her hair." -- Katie
"Cecilia is whoever Cecilia wants herself to be" - Cloe
"cc is a faux cocky person who needs to gain confidence in herself." -- Grace
Member Since:April 11, 2007
Last Login:June 8, 2009
Location:Bayville, NY
Birthday:November 16


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