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About me:
I always end up on the floor when drunk, it speaks to me.
I love driving with the windows down, even if it's raining.
I have no problem downing shots. For some reason, my throat begs for them....
I change my clothes all the time only because I have so many. It's what I've spent all my money on in the past three years.
If there is a scarlet begonia I'll put it my curls.
I love to eat good good food.
I believe that we are only here to procreate. And yes, practice makes perfect.
I also dislike wearing alot of clothes. While I do have an extensive wardrobe, I like to wear minimial amounts clothing.
I don't watch too much TV
I seem to have a fondness towards dinosaurs. they call me Suziesaurus at times
I love meeting strangers. Just let's not be sketch strangers.....smiling strangers make my day.
I love walking barefoot and hate wearing sneakers. unless they're red.
I like to smoke. especially the part when you feel hollow in your arms. and ribs. and bananas.

Oh yeah, if you drive a standard....I want to be your friend. we're a dying breed
Member Since:May 24, 2006
Last Login:May 17, 2008
Location:Kingston, RI
Birthday:December 14
General Interests:
VOLKSWAGEN, Playgrounds, Peeling sunburns, Crunching leaves in the fall, having picnics in cemetaries, eating cheese, Maggie (my puppy), Summer, photography, rain, nalgenes, annies mac and cheese, sewing, beaches, popsicles, DRINKING, cloves, moonlight, hippieness, bed, sleeping, being neked, sex, swimming, biking, donating blood, people watching, swinging, posing for paintings, charcoal, drunked dancing, running, sunrises, yoga, dinosaurs, listening to musik, LUST vs. love, meeting strangers, fencing, eating good good food, dancing to silent instruments, adventures, smocks and goggles, eating freshly cut pear off of the counter, picking my nose, puddle jumping, acting like a kid, blocks, sandboxes, boiling pasta, Raptors and the lie of the brontasaurus
Other Distractions:sifl and oly


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