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About me:Originally formed as a trio consisting of Sean Dzugan and brothers Dan and Chris Arwady, a band once called The Brothers II began to gain momentum in its hometown of Arlington Heights, IL. Local success soon encouraged the band to start writing, performing, and recording original material. Buoyed by strong musicianship and a barrage of influences, the songwriting soon began to speak for itself, drawing a number of loyal listeners. It wasn’t long before the group acquired two new members, bassist Manny Fassbinder and saxophonist Brian Krock, and changed its name from The Brothers II to Sure Fire Groove. With a fresh book of exciting material, Sure Fire Groove hit the studio in late 2007, producing and engineering its own debut album, “Two Posts.” Set to release in early February, 2008, the album is an embodiment of exceptional musicianship, strong songwriting, and professional production. Be sure to check out the Groove's website at and become a fan of the band at!
Member Since:January 15, 2008
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Location:Champaign, IL
Birthday:August 20
Music means to me:Everything.


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