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About me:Hi. Name's Sam. Just chillin. probably playin guitar. I might be painting or drawing. I made the jewelry I'm wearing. I'm very bright and colorful and i'm very happy about 75% of the time. the other 25% i'm either lonely or sad because i'm lonely. So for the most part i'm a happy bubbly person! I'm a lush, and my head is always in the clouds. I've got big dreams and an even bigger ego. All to match my big ass ;) hehe. I collect mushrooms and Alice in Wonderland stuff. And glass work. I'm Italian and proud of it. I'm all about unity. Every one should get along, I wish people could just love each other, but then again I suppose that is why I'm always lonely. Either way, I'm a lover never a hater. And I will always be one to listen to anyone who needs to talk. but please, KEEP ME OUT OF THE DRAMA!!
Member Since:September 3, 2008
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Birthday:May 28
Music means to me:Everything

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