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About me:.I have 14 piercings and 2 tattoos.. I love art .. its my passion.. one day i would like to have my own art studio ..that would be awesome. I love anytype of art ...willing to try new things. I'm down to earth. I feel like that I was born in the wrong era..I needed to be born in the late 60's haha.. I'm a hippy child ... but without the drugs. I love to oil paint .. its just wonderful. I am a christian and thats a very important fact in my life .. very very important to me.I love God ... if it wasn't for Jesus Saving me from my sins I'd be lost. I've never known real happyness until God was in my life.. well he still is. God, church, family , friends ... are very important to me. Poetry... I love it also.. I write alot of it. I'm very laid back and mellow most of the time. I'm understanding, fun, quiet sometimes.. but once you get to know me I'll talk alot.. just ask some of my friends haha. I love to meet new people..Anyone that loves music we will get along very well.
Member Since:September 24, 2006
Last Login:March 5, 2007
Location:Greenville, NC
Birthday:February 11
Music means to me:I love music ... I think that music can be used to make our souls awaken even more... Music speaks to our souls ...thats what I think.. Music can calm you..make you want to dance..etc. Music is my life.If I did not have music I would be a very boring person.. My life would be very sad.
General Interests:Oil Painting, ART, Music, Photography,cooking,hanging out with friends, watch movies, Poetry, Singing, anything to do with art and music... Dance..etc.
Other Distractions:Horror and comdey movies are my favorite. Tv Shows..Aqua Teen Hungar Force,Family Guy, Robot Chicken, NipTuck, Law and Order.. Books.. any thing to do with poetry, art , or music.


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