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Member Since:September 15, 2009
Last Login:June 24, 2010
Location:Newtonville, MA
Birthday:December 13
General Interests:family, one love, nature, water, locavore, music, patchouli, purple, people, sunshine, sparkles, flowers, wonders of the world, animals, wine, autumn in NE, bubbles, quirkiness, spontaneity, snow, koala bears, turquoise, animal rights, vitamin water, fuzzy man beards, deliciousness :-), science, puzzles, whales, Yerba Maté~yuum
Other Distractions:reduce~reuse~recycle, saving our beautiful mother earth, loving, dancin', laughing, living life, breathing, kundalini yoga, reading, biking, adventuring, hugging, conserving, giving off good vibes, giving back to the community, playing outside


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