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About me:I'm probably one of the most laid back girls you'll ever meet. I have a good time with pretty much anything i'm doing. I laugh at EVERYthing and if you know me you probably make fun of me for it hahah. With all of it's ups and downs I pretty uch just love life <3 . I am a die hard fan of Jack Johnson. I REALLY wish Sublime, Dispatch, and Bob Marley were still around because I really would love to see them in concert. and no...i dont smoke pot even though my music selection might hint otherwise hahah. I LOVE the BEATLES. They revolutionized music.
Member Since:July 13, 2008
Last Login:July 21, 2008
Location:Medford, NJ
Birthday:May 11
Music means to me:Music is escape. think about it. Your pissed off in traffic...what do you do? play a favorite song. Fight with a boyfriend? play a favorite song. Music has the ability to change your emotions with in only 2 minutes. Theres always a song that can explain exactly how you're feeling, even if you cant find the words yourself. Music cant be stolen, or taken from you. No matter where you are, your social class, or the amount of money you have, music is universal...available to make anyones day.

..."the best thing about music is that when it hits you, ya feel no hit me with music."
General Interests:Acting, surfing, reading, I play guitar, piano, and ukulele, photography, playing in the rain
Other Distractions:boys, nice weather, good surf, L.O.V.E.


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