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About me:GWM 44 ATL retired deadhead 75 shows then my towel and me were pooped needed to rest a minute and missed Jerrys last show in my n PANIC but my tastes are more in the ambient hypnotic regions but will always have a ready setlist in hand and the boys cued up ready to go
Member Since:May 8, 2007
Last Login:May 9, 2007
Location:Atlanta, GA
Birthday:October 28
Music means to me:what air water and the need to be loved mean to us as reaches past all the exterior garbage and reminds us we are a spritual being and the mortal coil we unwind here is just part of our lets me travel with or without is part of most all my daily functions volume levels adjusted PRN
General Interests:ps2 xbox snowskiing my dogs
Other Distractions:whats tv


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