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About me:I'm 19 and loving it.I'm single and love listening to music!Its great and really expresses people and they're feelings.I love going to concerts and having fun!I'm blonde and 5'1 I know I'm short it sucks...
Member Since:April 5, 2008
Last Login:March 16, 2012
Location:Neosho, MO
Birthday:February 21
Music means to me:EVERYTHING!Its the best thing ever created by GOD!I love it more than anything and everything!It helps me get through so much and helps me tell people things that I couldnt tell them myself..
Schools:High School Diploma-Graduated in 2007
General Interests:Marijuana,growing,boys& girls,my friends,peace,love,becoming happy,working out,singing,more music,having fun,smoking,drinking sometimes..becoming a hippie
Other Distractions:Marijuana,the computer,clothes,showering,tanning,sleeping!


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