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About me:Baltimore chap who loves to play bass, but a few other instruments as well. I love coming up with new grooves, writing new music, playing with different people, and learning new instruments. I currently play bass for The Stugottz, a really cool funk-rock band in Baltimore with some awesome guys. We have a very fun sound, we're booking new shows every week, and it's an exciting time right now. Hit me up sometime!
Member Since:March 26, 2008
Last Login:February 24, 2011
Location:Baltimore, MD
Birthday:April 27
Music means to me:Just about everything. Energy in motion, the essence of dynamo. Order and chaos. All weaved together to form a truly stimulating experience. Glorious.
Schools:Some College
General Interests:Networking with other local bands who have their act together and are looking to get heard.
Other Distractions:Food, and sometimes whiskey.


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