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About me:I LOVE music, as i am sure does everyone on this website. Its that feeling of everyone in a crowd at show moving to the same jam. I don't see nearly as many shows as i would like. Living in Ct. is SO expensive it prevents me from doing anything fun. I live with my WONDERFUL boyfriend of 9 years and my two best friends. I have recentally begun making my own jewlery. I love metal work and am in the proccess of setting up my own studio.
Member Since:November 18, 2005
Last Login:March 12, 2013
Location:Norwich, CT
Birthday:November 2
Music means to me:I live for music, although I do not see a lot of shows I try to keep up with what is going on. Before I discovered this website it was much harder to keep up. Music has gotten me through a lot of things in my life, good and bad. It is what keeps me sane.
General Interests:Metal Jewlery making, camping, hiking, reading
Other Distractions:Drowning Mona (The BEST movie EVER),


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