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About me:i love music. i love my dog. i love listening to music while runnin with Luci (my dog) but i go to school in greeley colorado as of right now, but i am moving to denver to go to culinary school. i love living in colorado. i love the mountains. and seeing bands at red rocks is THE shit. The 2 best shows ive seen there was Dave Matthews Band (3 days in a row), and SOUND TRIBE FUCKIN NUMBER 9. best show of my life. but pretty much i love music, i love my boyfriend and i love partying. thats life.
Member Since:April 11, 2007
Last Login:September 10, 2008
Location:Littleton, CO
Birthday:April 26
Music means to me:music is life. music is everywhere and captures every aspect of life. when that right song is on, the world seems to stop for you so you can dance your fuckin ass off and no one can say a single world -- because your in the frickin zone man!! music rocks
Schools:Arapahoe High School
University of Nothern Colorado
General Interests:Hiknig, Shredin, dancin, the mountains, water, yoga, ice cream, cookies, partyin, ANYTHING outside! and my boy toy


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