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About me:Everyday I am thankful for an incredible wife. I appreciate CA and the slow living of west Sonoma county. Music, nature, art, photography, bike rides and sports are my preferred forms of escapism. Adventure is like a great treasure. I cherish our little slice of heaven, location is almost everything. Mad props to the watertrough project. Chill'n on the deck is quite possibly the most relaxing way to absorb the days, especially with fine food and tasty libations. Special shout out to the one and only Mr. Salty, he's the man. Much love to our friends and family, you guys shred. Big ups to Special K and Jack. eightychoices.
Member Since:April 6, 2007
Last Login:About 3 days ago
Location:Sebastopol, CA
Birthday:June 23
Music means to me:Music is a connection. When you're part of a live show it's a unique, appreciative cooperation, to actually watch an artist create their art. Very few art forms offer this opportunity. It's almost as if those observing are the final process, resulting in the live, one-of-a-kind product. There is a sense of sharing that music creates. Listening is paramount.
General Interests:Basketball, Nature & Creatures, Art, Good Food, Great Books, Best Friends
Other Distractions:sometimes cooking, fog is a great distraction, reading, guy'n around, bike rides for things that are fun, good cinema,


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