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About me:well at 6"6 and 215 i am a big house full of Love. I love Jesus, my family, and Friends and they are the reason i am where i am in Life. I Love Music it is My passion. I play acoustic Guitar to pay the bills and Play Bass and Sing for "The Burnin Smyrnans" and that takes up the majority of my time..I have a Beagle Hound named "Guinness" and he is such a ladies man. I used to surf all the time but In 2001 I had an encounter with a Shark that put me out of the water and Jobless for a few months. Everything happens for a reason I guess!!!! I love the Beach , the mountains , and Traveling in general. Every day is a new adventure , and a learning experience and I just want people to know that keeping a positive attitude is the best way to get through life. at the end of the Day when it's all said and done. I am having the time of my life. Peace & one love

As 2011 closely approaches im Getting MArried and Started another Musical Project Called SOul TAXI . CHeck out Bands www.SoulTaxi
Member Since:June 30, 2004
Last Login:May 7, 2015
Location:New Smyrna Beach, FL
Birthday:April 25
Music means to me:Everything , Seriously . I play every Day and Could not imagine life without music !!!
Schools:New SMyrna Beach High SChool clas of '99
General Interests:Making Movies, Going to festivals and camping with friends. Canoeing, fishing, Hiking

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