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About me:West Coast Dead Head, and a father of five, Idealistic 90's street kid, former Jah Love Rainbow Family, I have dreams about organic food, self sufficient freedom through living simply, and a die hard travelin' bone! One Love Kidz!!
Member Since:June 13, 2008
Last Login:June 13, 2008
Location:Greenville, OH
Birthday:June 30
Music means to me:Music is a metaphor for all of my senses. I see what my eyes cannot, feel things my fingers will never touch, I smell the visceral memories of experience past, I Hear the ancient sounds of the earth, I taste the rich flavors of life. And if your taste is anything like mind then... INDULGE!
Schools:Nebraska State Equivalence certificate, some community college. But let's face it, REAL education is won through hardships and experience, so almost everything I ever needed to know was taught by the rush of cars that won't pick me up.
General Interests:Open minded people, simple living, the Great Outdoors, good food, good drink, and good company!


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