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About me:Love to go to festivals and be around/create the to be with those that understand and share the spirit. I'm a 'nine-to-fiver with Grateful Dead sensibilities'....positive outlook on life. I have one son who I love very much. I work with children and put a lot of time into my profession, but long for those lazy, free-spirited days where I can kick back or kick it up on the field with the spearits.
Member Since:October 11, 2002
Last Login:August 8, 2015
Location:Ridgewood, NJ
Birthday:June 26
Music means to me:LOVE music....what would life be without it? I remember one time when I had a real hard time and actually went without music for about two weeks. The first thing that came on when I came back to life was Bobby's "Looks Like Rain"....I'll never forget how sweet that sounded.

My tastes range from jam to ballads to metal to jam to classical to reggae to rock to jam to space and back again. My favorite artist of all time is probably Joni Mitchell, especially her early to mid-career stuff....amazing. Favorite band is Pink Zeppelin, CSN, Natalie Merchant, Metallica, and too many others to name.

My best concert experiences have been on the road with Spearhead. I love working on their street team and cooking soup with Pretty backstage, or whatever they need to make it happen. In the late 80's and early 90's, I travelled a bit with the Indigo that time, they were totally into their show...not so much lately though....more formulaic, so I got off the bandwagon and just focus on their studio work.

I deejay a bit here and there and make retrospective films of people's stuff, especially when I get to put the soundtracks together.

Music = Life
Schools:River Dell High School, Kutztown University
General Interests:My son, Education, Exercise, Travel, Film, Sports (Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, Bruins....yeah, I know....Beantown fan from New Jersey!)
Other Distractions:Love going to art museums, taking hikes, camping out once in a while, or just doing spontaneous stuff


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