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About me:I'm the guy right next to "that guy". I love to rage the scene in the most peaceful of ways possible. I wish all scalpers and anyone who doesn't sell tix for face to just GO AWAY! This also goes for anyone to drunk or fuck'd to handle themselves respectfully. A.K.A Buzz Heads. I do my best to stay away from the mainstream and do as many small venues as possible. My favorite Chicago spots in order #1 Kinetic Playground #2 Old Town School of Folk Music (very chill, don't go to rage, just enjoy) #3 Martrys' #4 Charter One Pavilion (used to hate it but now the cheap seats are in the balcony with a great view of the skyline) #5 Buddy Guy's Legends (Best Jambalaya an cornbread you'll ever eat, and some of the best blues you'll ever see) I seen more music than I can remember but never forget a show. I also love making memories and friends along the way. Treat each other right and party all night! One Love.
Member Since:July 27, 2007
Last Login:June 20, 2014
Location:Western Springs, IL
Birthday:November 23
Music means to me:A gathering of good vibes for all men, women, and children.
General Interests:Motorcycles, Hot Rods, Volunteer Services, Protesting, Beautiful Women (Namely: Hope), Music Gear, Art, Poetry, Love, and How we all got here and what we're supposed to do?
Other Distractions:Camping, Walks, Picnics, Listning to Music in the Dark, Festivals, All my wonderful friends, Ganja, Tasty Beers, Family, and Education.


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