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About me:I play guitar and I sing. I've been playing for a while now. I'm pretty ok at it. My acoustic washburn is my favorite.I own an acoustic, an electric, and a fretless bass
I'm really friendly unless I'm in a bad mood [which is a rare case]. So please feel free to say what's up
I believe in love.In every form shape or way it comes in.
I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I plan to keep it that way so please respect my decision.
Laugh uncontrollably, make up inside jokes, go on an adventure with me, share your soul and I'll love you forever.
I'm a fucking nerd when it comes to my music. Without my zune, life would be meaningless.
I try really hard not be a terrible person
I've noticed recently I have no life and I'm pretty much an awkward loser.
But I like myself that way
Chicago's the only place for me
Well, for now at least
Get to know me
I'm sure you'll find I'm a real "bitchin' kid"
Whatever the fuck that means...
Member Since:October 2, 2009
Last Login:November 15, 2009
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:March 1
Music means to me:To put it simply, everything
General Interests:-Music
-Memorable conversations


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