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About me:my family traveled all over the world my whole childhood, so i love exploring anew cultures...seeing live music, traveling for live music, being surrounded by people i love..
i really love school as well..specifically, art history, anthropology, and photography.
Member Since:February 28, 2007
Last Login:September 23, 2009
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:October 16
Music means to me:..if you get confused, just listen to the music play..
Schools:lewis and clark college in portland, oregon
General Interests:making and kind of art, cheese tour. festivals. barter faires. herb. crystals and minerals. photography. sustainable living. vegetarianism. swimmingholes, parkinglots, glowsticks, playing with pups outside, climbing trees, autumn in new england. nyc philathon! getcha getcha whatcha womppp
Other Distractions:cooking dank veggie meals for the people i love, making stuff, making cameras, being inspired by history and all the mindblowing art that has been created on our earth...being inspired by my beautiful friends and family...i like sharing and swapping art supplies, food, ganja food, etc


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