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About me:I am a sassy redhead who can't get enough music, dancing, and friends.
Member Since:May 3, 2007
Last Login:January 15, 2013
Location:Fort Collins, CO
Birthday:August 14
Music means to me:Music means overwelming expression to me. Music is a way to release from all the pressures in life and realize who you are. Music allows one to connect with something intangible teaching that life is not about the concrete world it is about everything else.
Schools:Cherry Creek HIgh School, American University, Colorado State University
General Interests:Festivals, Shows, Marijuana, Friends, Boys, Ice Hockey, Irish Dance, Peace, The Grateful Dead
Other Distractions:Favorite Movie- Crash, or Festival Express, Favorite Show-That 70's Show, Scrubs, King of the Hill
Favorite Books-The Sun Also Rises, Life of Pie, Girl Interrupted


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