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About me:28 year old dude living in Northern New Jersey. Yes, there is more to be found here than factories and mobsters. I'm really close to NYC so that's where I go to most shows. It drains my wallet but fills my soul.
Member Since:November 18, 2002
Last Login:May 28, 2015
Location:Maplewood, NJ
Birthday:April 5
Music means to me:Music is an essential part of maintaining my sanity. It is my religion. I need to have my live music fix at least a few times a month.

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

-Berthold Auerbach
Schools:Columbia High School (Maplewood, NJ)--->University of Maryland (College Park, MD)--->University of Gaia
General Interests:Camping, hiking, playing guitar, dancing, full moon parties, psychopharmacology, neoshamanism, altered states of consciousness
Other Distractions:Owning a small business and going to shows/festivals takes up pretty much most of my time.


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