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About me:i love music. i love widespread. i love to jam. and i love to have fun. i love beautiful people(women) and i love to laugh and hang out and have a good time. i love getting tattoos! i have a bunch of 'em! i'm 21yrs old. and music is life!! sushi, lot food, and pizza are all the major food groups!! - laughter is excellent and a smile can go a long way! get down a groove wit me and everything will be okay!!!!
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Location:Huntsville, AL
Birthday:June 28
Music means to me:music means the world. i love good music and i love to go to shows and watch and listend live. music is the heart and soul of me and without music i would be insane!!!!!!
Schools:i went to grissom highschool, no college but hell i'll go one of these days....
General Interests:live shows. live shows. dancing to live music. and listening to live music! i also love camping, i have a bad ass boxer named dudley so i love to chill with him, hiking, fishing, skiing, anything outside and im down to roll!!!! skanner darkly, the movie, is FUCKING SICK! i saw it trippin and holy shit that movie is fuckin wierd, but way cool!!!! haha
Other Distractions:Anything really! I get distracted very easily! I'm adhd, so therefore I'm like a damn jumpin bean in my head! Haha it sucks but oh well, its kinda fun sometimes, haha. If you want to know anything else then just send me note. I love to meet new people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wed 2/6/2008 1:20PM
have you ever wondered what kind of person would destroy the natural beauty and the natural grace of our world?  i mean like what would cause a person to want to dump toxic materials into the ocean or in the woods.  sometimes when i see all the destruction and horror caused by people that dont give a damn about the environment or about wildlife, it seriously makes me furious to think of the worthless life that does that!  i just dont get what goes through one's mind that would make them wish to do those things.  and why someone would be paid all kinds of money to do that shit as well.  its beyond my wildest thoughts as to why or what or who would want to do that.  i just dont know what the hell is wrong with people.