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About me:What is there to say? I'm a loner. I write on a 1964 Smith-Corona Classic 12 typewriter and go to shows when I can. I am cultured and well-rounded; my eclectic tastes in everything from music to art to fashion (or lack therof) leave no room for categorization. I respect others until they stop respecting me. Oh yeah, and I fucking love to get down :D
Member Since:April 29, 2010
Last Login:October 27, 2010
Location:Upper Black Eddy, PA
Birthday:September 22
Music means to me:a lot... of shit
Schools:Bucks County Community College... anticipating Evergreen College Winter 2010
General Interests:The English language, stream-of-consciousness, creative writing, Shamanism, surrealism, Jack Kerouac, the inhalation of such leaves, the power of the subconscious, boxing, lucid dreaming, bullshit.
Other Distractions:Apathy, warm water, getting even.


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