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About me:Born in Moscow, Russia lived there for 3 years came to Baltimore, MD lived in the city now family lives in the county. All about traveling and music. Lived in spain for 4 months and Australia for 5 weeks. I love traveling and seeing places want to be more than a tourist so hopefully will be in the Peace Corps. one day soon.
Member Since:August 27, 2009
Last Login:August 21, 2014
Location:West Friendship, MD
Birthday:September 12
Music means to me:My favorite band in the whole world hands down is Sublime. I also love Baltimore Club music and promote both everywhere i go. My first festival experience blew my mind because i knew people like that existed but to see them all in the same place at the same time was something else. Bass in yo Face, funky fresh lyrics, what more can you ask for?
Schools:went to Mt. Hebron for 2 yrs and Glenelg for 2 yrs. Currently finishing up at Salisbury University.
General Interests:Going to shows, live music, bonfires, long boarding, traveling, camping, raging.
Other Distractions:hot sauce, Natty Boh, Pirates


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