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About me:My name is Casey and I work for Gearhead Records and The Gst Pub here in Davis,CA. I'm into the SF Punk & Roll Scene. Some of my fav bands in SF The Midnight Bombers, Black Furies, Red Planet, Snatch & The Fingers, The Jaded Fucks, The Scrawnies and many more. Oh and I'm single and attractive and play Ice Hockey. lol
Member Since:October 10, 2006
Last Login:January 23, 2007
Location:Davis, CA
Birthday:August 2
Music means to me:Music is my life. If I was stranded on an island. I would be happy with a lifetime supply of water, beef jerkey, fruity pebbels, sirus radio and porn and........numerous amounts of jager and PBR. I think that's it. What does this have to do with what music means to me? I don't know. NEXT
General Interests:Rock Shows, Punk, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Rock & Roll, Punk & Roll, Sex, Booze, Friends, Bettie Page, Mac & Cheese, Gst Pub, Lucky 13, Hot Rods and other cool things


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