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About me:I grew up Michigan. Went to school at Bentley and Grand Blanc Schools. Was married for 19 years and had three kids, Ryan 25, Shannon 23, and Aaron 17. After living in California, Florida, Indiana, and Cincinnati, Ohio, I moved back to Michigan in 2003 and finished my college degree (3.99 GPA!!!). I moved back to Cincinnati in 2006. Now I'm in Frankfort, Kentucky. I have always been obsessed with music but didn't have much time to pursue my passion until after my divorce. I possess no musical talent and am awed by people who do. My 18 yr old is an awesome guitar player who writes his own music so I guess you could say I created a musical talent. See my blogs on myspace.com/specialeeffexx to read about all the great bands I've seen.
Member Since:June 12, 2007
Last Login:May 15, 2009
Location:Frankfort, KY
Birthday:June 7
Music means to me:Music is my drug of choice!
Schools:Grand Blanc High School, Baker College of Flint
General Interests:Music, Concerts, Reading, Nature, Traveling, Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Mountain biking, Cross-country skiing, Caving, Star Gazing, Roller Coasters, Horticulture, Movies, Spirituality, and Life!!!
Other Distractions:I like weird movies like Raising Arizona, Slingblade, and Who's Eating Gilbert Grape.
I don't do much TV but love anything on the Discovery Health channel, Music videos (when the music channels actually play them which is rare), Funny Home Video's (with the volume turned down).
I'm currently reading, absorbing, and awakening to Eckhart Tolle's books! Read "Breaking Open The Head" by Daniel Pinchbeck. Wow. I recently read all John Irving's stuff and loved it! Love Augusten Burrough's books. Crazy stuff!


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