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About me:i would love to own an old volkswagon mini-bus and just go to all the festivals across the country and sell clothes that are cool.
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Location:Perkasie, PA
Birthday:December 20
Music means to me:music is one of my favorite things ever. take my tv, my video games, etc. - but paws off my music.
Schools:adequate. i learn more from life experiences than any class i've ever taken.
General Interests:camping, hiking, nature, my chocolate lab, the stars, mountain biking
Other Distractions:rock band, cooking, enjoying a great beer


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a girl can hope
Wed 4/9/2008 8:14AM
why doesn't les claypool have any love for the northeast? i want to see him soooooo bad! he needs to come to philly or jersey or someplace like that. also, michael franti and spearhead need to come back to the area for a solo show. got a bunch of people would love to see him that can't make it to a festival