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About me:I am 26 I live in the backwoods of Ct in a little town called Canaan. I love to travel. I am a short order cook during the day, and I love to go see shows at night. I like checking out all the new jam bands that are on the scene these days. Theres nothing more I like than good food an having a good time.
Member Since:December 14, 2002
Last Login:December 19, 2007
Location:fairfield, CT
Birthday:September 2
Music means to me:Ever since i was young I always love listen to live music my dad was a big dead head. But when I am listen to live shows i take me to a place where all my cares and worries vanish for that 3 hours. It,s the greatest feeling in the world. Better than any drug you can think of.
Schools:Fairfield High School
General Interests:live music, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, base jumping, and cooking
Other Distractions:Clockwork Orange, Devils Rejects, Big Lebowski . Family Guy . Dark Star .


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