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About me:I am majoring in art education. I want to put the creativity back into today's youth. we're robbing them of their adolescence as we make them mindlessly read and write and raise their hand when all they need is a form of expression.

love the outdoors!!!
Member Since:July 13, 2010
Last Login:August 26, 2012
Location:Winooski, VT
Birthday:March 10
Music means to me:one of the only appreciated means of art left in todays society.

musical creativity is disappearing into the world of electronically enhanced media by tallent-less "artists" who happen to have a famous mother or father.
Schools:Central Connecticut State university.
General Interests:art. music, drawing, painting, sculpting. expression.
Other Distractions:anything that catches my eye. anyone who doesn't fall into todays set norm.


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