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About me:I'm free spirited, logical, handy to have around in a pinch, and can make a mean cup of coffee.
Member Since:June 20, 2007
Last Login:October 25, 2007
Location:Earlham, IA
Birthday:October 11
Music means to me:Music to me is a spectrum of expression and emotion that is shared among the masses by the talented few... I have never felt more connected to others like me than up front at my favorite bands, especially when I'm with my best friends.
Schools:Iowa State University, North Iowa Area Community College, Nora Springs Rockfalls High School
General Interests:Listening to Musice, Electronics, Woodworking, gardening, aquariums, art, camping, hiking, traveling, reading, inventing, visiting friends and family, rollar blading, rugby, tennis, kites, shooting, fishing, sex, ping pong, cribbage, xbox, window shopping, chess, risk,

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