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About me:I’m a very creative, spontaneous person—a natural-born story-teller. If I made like the kid in School House Rock who unpacked his adjectives, I’d find the words kind-hearted, funny, loyal, generous, passionate, playful and adventurous stashed in the back-pack. I love New York City, especially checking out the museums, the parks, the funky bars that keep popping up all over the place. I’ve traveled everywhere from West Coast to the South, back to the East Coast. A walk through the woods has been known to make my soul sing (don’t worry—my soul NEVER goes to karaoke bars) and, speaking of singing, nothing makes me happier than a great piece of music. I’m not one of those people who’s always on the run: I enjoy quiet times. I love lazy Sunday mornings, rainy afternoons, and cool, pleasant evenings with friends. There are those days when you just need a few hours in front of the TV. And, although I love time with friends and family, time with a special someone, I also cherish my time alone. I’m not afraid of my own company.
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Location:Paramus, NJ
Birthday:February 12
Music means to me:Everything


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