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About me:I love the disco biscuits and every loud obnoxious dubstep beat baltimore has to offer. Segway is going to be the next band that fucks your mothers. If I could be anything, i would be nitrous mafia so i could custy the shit out of all of you
Member Since:May 31, 2006
Last Login:December 25, 2013
Location:Nederland, CO
Birthday:September 14
Music means to me:Money. I hate you hippies and your stupid rock concerts.....I come there specifically to custy all you retards with european stimulants and automotive grade nitrous oxide.
Schools:I dont go to school you idiots, im on phishterrr, breh
General Interests:Pornography, Masturbation, Halo3, Halo2, Halo1.....running, Buying ill flatbrams to be G'd out with mah family on lot
Other Distractions:N20, mark-ass tricks, busted up hoes, black people, dick-fiendin dreadi mommas, phish terrr, DMB


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