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About me:I'm just another confused soul, weeding out the bullshit in life and using what's still good to build myself as a person. I go to college not to discover the size of my future paycheck, but to discover ideas that I would've had trouble finding for myself. I'd prefer to relax at home with good friends and a cup of coffee than spend my days exhibiting myself for all the world's voyeurists to see.
Member Since:June 10, 2008
Last Login:June 29, 2014
Location:Wakefield, RI
Birthday:October 9
Music means to me:After being raised by a guy whose idols were (and still are) Jim Morrison and Axl Rose, music is simply an integral part of my life. Although I've failed miserably at every instrument I've ever tried playing, I've realized that I can still take music for what it is without being an amazing musician.
Schools:Terryville High School '07
University of Rhode Island '11
General Interests:love, ideologies, books, Michel Foucault, Henry David Thoreau, Kurt Vonnegut, Emily Dickinson, Alex Grey, cooking, self-creation
Other Distractions:pondering life?


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