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About me:Ok, So after highschool had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I wasn't up for another 4 years of school, and I knew if I just got a full time job and took a break, I might never got to college. So I did the most altruistic there was to do (which became the dumbest thing I've ever done). I joined the Marine Corps. The infantry no less. I left for bootcamp in October of 2003, which was the start of my 4 year enlistment. A little over 6 months later I found myself in Iraq. I took part in the November 2004 invasion of Fallujah (Operation Phantom Fury). You may have heard of it on the news. I almost died a few times, and I saw a lot of fucked up shit. But I think i came out ok: alive and with all my appendages. Now I'm almost out and I've been accepted at UMass Amherst. All in all its been a long strange trip so far. Albeit a bad trip. In truth some of my experience has been good for me. The tragedy of the lesson, is that I was too stupid to just go to college, rather than pissing away 4 years of my young life, and possibly dying for a bunch of shit that really doesn't mean anything to me. The bottom line is that there is nothing in my life that I would say I'm proud of. The only real glory in war is survival. The only real honor in this world is friendship. There were a few times where I got to do what I wanted, and managed to feel good about myself. But mostly I just did what I had to. I consider myself a very liberal and progressive person. I love Massachusetts for all the crazy shit we get done. If asked I would call myself a hippie, or at least into the hippie scene. I'm very much into the search for truth and enlightenment, but I've not found them in any religion, nation, or man made institution. What little truth I think I found is in nature and in us. We are not human beings who have spiritual experiences. We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.
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Schools:St. Johns Preparatory High School, UMass Amherst (in college)
General Interests:Good music, recreational chemistry, creative love, and deep thought.

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