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About me:I started seeing the Grateful Dead in '88 and I ain't been right ever since. I have been so fortunate to travel the world and see so much great music, especially in my own back yard of Colorado. Panic, Oakhurst, SCI, Leftover Salmon, moe., YMSB, ekoostik hookah and the DeWayn Brothers are some of my addictions.

I also like to play golf, snowboard, camp, and spend time with my lovely wife Erin and our pets Casey Jones and Charlie Hatfield (dog, cat).
Member Since:September 3, 2004
Last Login:August 4, 2010
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:March 16
Music means to me:Freedom to be anything I want.
Schools:THE Ohio State University
General Interests:Golf, Cooking, Entertaining, Skiing, Travel. Photography


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