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About me:I am just a kynd chic who digs good music and likes meeting new people. I attend as many shows as my crazy life allows me (which is less often nowadays). I have a contract sewing biz and I host a bluegrass radio show. I have a tough time with animals - I keep bringing them home. :)
Member Since:September 17, 2004
Last Login:November 3, 2008
Location:Clayton, OH
Music means to me:an ever-changing soundtrack of life
Schools:Higher Learning High - went to home school for most of high school, my bro and I got to name our school:), graduated college at EKU
General Interests:music (duh), family (mine, and yours), my 14 pets, gardening, backyard jams, road trippin', campfires, sewing, and, um , did I say music....
Other Distractions:no tv here... life distracts me enough


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