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Bonnaroo 2007
Fri 6/22/2007 11:13AM

   Bonnaroo truly is like a box of chocolates, never knowing what you might get.  Bonnaroo v.2007 was no different.  This was my fifth time in attendance at this particular festival - it's only an hour drive away, so I typically end up going (I missed the third one in '04). 

DOTF 3, "Those woods are an ominous force..."
Fri 6/22/2007 10:32AM

And so it was the 10th of November; a gentle fall breeze fell over Chattanooga, whisking its chill carelessly through the town.  the message -winter is coming.  But not before my energy was to be diverted.  I wasn't ready for the cold, no one really ever is.  Cold, the term, the state, the aura of the term, it evokes somber shades of color and thought.  So the answer must be escapism - a practice long forgotten by the whole of society, yet it is an option for anyone willing to take the time.  And what a time it was.  Beautiful.  And I was there.  Amazing.