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About me:A true Gemini, my interests and careers are many and circle around communication and healing. Massage therapist, yoga teacher, somatic psychotherapist, poet, music freak, and participant in all things epic and legendary in nature. I am also linked to the Florida Scloop Family, who enjoy ourselves whenever possible.
Member Since:July 2, 2000
Last Login:September 27, 2009
Location:Larkspur, CA
Birthday:June 5
Music means to me:Music is the thread weaving together my layers of consciousness with the vibrant pulses of energy in my body and life. It provides an ongoing and evolving narrative and further allows what is within to continue to flow out and vice versa. Music clearly is good times, even when life is not.
Schools:University of Florida, Florida School of Massage,
California Institute of Integral Studies, Life
General Interests:yoga, Buddhism, music, relationships, writing, tarot,finding meaning in all aspects of life
Other Distractions:Daily Show, Books about Buddhist psychology, Six Feet Under, Lost, Harley


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