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About me:5'6'', brown hair, blue eyes
Member Since:August 3, 2011
Last Login:August 15, 2013
Location:North Lewisburg, OH
Birthday:March 17
Music means to me:Somethings can only be described by saying, "here, listen to this".
Its always been a way for me to focus. Work some stuff out cruising and jamming.
General Interests:Dogs - I got a mini schnauzer, papillon and silky terrier. Sightseeing - been to Mexico, Canada, England, Italy, Germany, France and trying to explore more of the US.
Learning - I love NOVA, Animal Planet, Discovery and own the Planet Earth series.
Other Distractions:Growing tomatoes, peppers and strawberries this year. Hoping for a better yield than before, only two batches of salsa from that harvest :(


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