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About me:"My brain is like a drummer
trying to hold a groove
keeping time to time zone
my brain constantly on the move"
I am a quarter of a century and I still feel like a child. If I was in a rock band, I would definitely play the drums. I love to travel. I LIVE TO MOVE!! I have a wild imagination. And I'd rather be outside in my garden or rolling in the grass with my cat Chai
Member Since:January 2, 2007
Last Login:January 8, 2012
Location:Cambridge, MA
Birthday:November 26
Music means to me:I have a soundtrack playing in my head at all times. Music is everywhere and flows with the rhythm of the universe. It's my life. I have a constant earworm. Music is made for sharing and I sure love to share?
Schools:Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts class of '05

Currently applying to grad school for Dance Therapy
General Interests:choregraphy, dancing, reading, hippies, laughing fits, smiling eyes, meditation, yoga, Chai, showers, festivals, love, steams, WATER
Other Distractions:Classic rock, moe., good lovin', bumper sitckers, snow storms, miso soup, dancing around the house, drumming, my garden, beautiful people.


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