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About me:I'm just me. I'm into motorcycles, music, friends, a good beer, traveling, laughing and family. Though I spent many years moving around I find myself back at home, which is just outside of Chicago.
Member Since:April 15, 2009
Last Login:December 14, 2014
Location:Palos Hills, IL
Birthday:April 3
Music means to me:Music means everything to me. It can put a smile on my face, take that smile away, dance and laugh. I'm into all kinds of music; industrial, jazz, blues, rock, soul, electronic, folk to jam. "jam" music is by far my fav style.
General Interests:I'm interested in just about anything. I like to get all that I can out of life and make an adventure out of it. Show or tell me of something new and I'm all over it. I love traveling and being on my harley. Live music, throwing some bags with friends and laughing away at a bar. I like any thing outside the confines of four walls. I don't care if I'm camping, hiking or sitting on a beach. Get me outside and I'm a happy man


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