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About me:I play in a band here in Central Kentucky, we're called Solace and we're creating a cultural and musical revolution! As of now, we're unsigned just trying to get gigs; however, we are being played on 6 different radio stations around the thats pretty cool. So if any promoters, booking agents, record producers, A&R representatives, or whomever, stumbles across this somehow....then please give us a listen at and then decide for yourself....peace
Member Since:January 23, 2004
Last Login:February 28, 2007
Location:Richmond, KY
Music means to me:Music can be anything to anyone...its love, its connection, its play, its freedom, its a way of life, its color for those that are blind, its positive vibrations for the deaf, and it can release the human spirit...
Schools:Eastern Kentucky University
General Interests:Jamming in my band and making people dance, Nature, climbing, hiking, football, camping, photography, random one-word phrases, etc.