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About me:i'm a small town girl from montana. i love climbing, camping, anything done outdoors, and music, maybe a little mix of them all at once. i've lived in montana most of my life, and find that it is the most beautiful, and peaceful place ever.
Member Since:November 16, 2003
Last Login:January 22, 2009
Location:Whitefish, MT
Birthday:April 30
Music means to me:music is my own sense of spirituality. soothing, aching, growing, time doesn't exist with music. good music remains classic from beginning to end! my aunt is a musician, and she once told me, "Life is tough, art is fun!" i have strived very hard to live by those words, and have yet to fail
Schools:Eastern Washington University, Grand Canyon University, Univesity of Montana-Missoula
General Interests:camping, hiking, climbing, swimming, playing on the drums, photography, jam sessions, square dancing, festivals, the ocean, life!
Other Distractions:i read a lot. recently i've been way into history books, texts mostly. and new ecological and environmental issues. always keeping up on helping our home out. i mean, i am from montana, so i want to keep home as pure as bloody possible


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